Offering Reiki

Reiki for stress reduction

Dr Lorri Haber-DiBoni

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing therapy in which a Reiki practitioner uses their hands to balance a patient’s Chi (universal life force) within their body. When your Chi is balanced studies have shown that you will experience less depression, anxiety, stress and pain. After a Reiki session you will feel very relaxed and should be able to cope with life’s everyday annoyances.

At Haber-DiBoni Chiropractic, your Reiki practitioner will be Dr. Haber-DiBoni. She brought Reiki into her office because of her own personal experience. Her Reiki journey began when a friend of hers was going through a very stressful time in her life, in which she went for Reiki and was amazed with how it helped her feel less anxious, less stressed and better able to cope with her stress. Dr. Lorri (as she is called by her patients) has always felt that stress is one of the major factors in people having health problems. Stress can manifest itself as headaches, neck pain, low back pain (muscular skeletal conditions) or more organic conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stomach issues or other medical conditions.

Dr.Lorri decided it was time to look into Reiki for stressors and health conditions within her own life. After extensive Reiki training she experienced its incredible benefits firsthand, and decided to offer it in her office. When you receive Reiki the practitioner is the conduit of the universal energy manipulating the universal energy the patient already possesses. Dr. Lorri has years of experience healing and helping people feel healthier, more relaxed and more at peace. She is a healer of body, mind and spirit. We welcome you to begin or continue your journey to achieving your greatest health.

What to expect at your visit

reiki therapy

When you come in for your Reiki appointment, you will immediately feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed. Dr. Lorri will introduce herself and escort you to the Reiki room. She will explain that you will be lying on the Reiki table fully clothed facing up and that half way through your Reiki session you will be asked to turn onto your stomach. During the session, she will describe to you how and where she will be placing her hands. Her hands are placed on your body to balance your energy. During Reiki it is common to experience tingling, and hot or cold sensations. You may also see various colors as your energy begins to balance. Your energy is able to be balanced whether you are talking, relaxing or even napping during your Reiki session.

reiki therapy combined with aromatherapy

Dr. Lorri will ask you if you would like aromatherapy during your Reiki time. She will then have you pick a favorite scent or she can choose one for you. When the session is over, Dr. Lorri will leave the room giving you time to acclimate yourself after your relaxing Reiki experience. She will return to the room to ask if you have any questions and to discuss you Reiki journey.

Reiki is offered in either half hour or hour sessions. The choice is yours!