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Thank you, thank you, Dr Lorri!

Bethanie with her newborn

During my pregnancy I had immense pain in my lower back, hips and pubic bone area. It made it so hard to sleep when I was trying to get as much as possible before the birth of my baby. I have had chiropractic care before and knew it would help with my pregnancy. Dr Lorri has an incredible way about her. She is knowledgeable and takes all the time in the world to answer my questions and thoroughly explain what she is doing and why. Her touch is gentle. The results were amazing! The pain in my body began to subside. I could move and exercise without pain. Sleeping became much easier and I was so grateful! 2 weeks ago I had my gorgeous baby girl. My delivery was simple and quick. I attribute much of this to my own self care: eating well and exercising, and to Dr Lorri and my chiropractic care. She was there for me after the birth of my baby too. I had a stressful week with lots of visitors and it had a negative impact on my body. My body was in so much pain and I was an emotional wreck. When I walked into her office, she listened as I cried and helped to reduce my pain so I could get back to loving and snuggling my baby. I have done a ton of research about chiropractic care and I am now bringing my newborn baby to Dr Lorri. Chiropractic care strengthens the immune system and I am committed to giving my baby as much of an edge as I can so she is as healthy and happy as possible! My baby loves it, after her treatment she slept so soundly. My husband was apprehensive and Dr Lorri answered every question he had until he was comfortable with our baby getting a treatment. He was convinced and saw what an impact it had on our baby.

If you are weary about chiropractic care I say you are in amazing hands with Dr Lorri! Especially during pregnancy and after. Today I am feeling happy, loving my baby and my body feels so good. I strongly believe she has helped my recovery time post labor and delivery be easy and quick as my body bounces back.

Bethaney, September 2014